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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Journalists Advancing Ministry (JAM)

is a multimedia podcast about media professionals called to Kingdom work.

We explore their paths to ministry from media, and ask the question:

Are journalists particularly suited for this?


From the founder of Positively Joy Ministries and Podcast

Hello! I’m Yvette Babs Walker, a former full-time reporter, and editor, current educator and podcaster.


If you’re here, you may already know that I’m the host of a faith-based podcast and ministry, Positively Joy.

I have come from sleep-walking through my faith and becoming reawakened in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

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As a long-time journalist, I believed I could not wear that part of myself openly because as journalists, we are supposed to be objective. No agendas. In situations where I held the reins of the front page at two major metro dailies. I strived to make sure readers and colleagues couldn't accuse me of being biased.


When I came to Oklahoma I still felt that way, even though this buckle of the Bible Belt city seemed to allow full-blown believers in newsrooms. Now in full-time academia, I am exploring this with other journalists who have moved into ministry, either full-time or part-time. 

I hope you enjoy this monthly podcast and video series and stay in touch at

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