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The first podcast about how God leads journalists in faith


Cindy's  musings 

“I wish I could go to the truth store and buy information that was solid and reliable and objective and I think it's very difficult to find now.”

Cindy LeFavre Yorks, you are an author of a door devotional trilogy, which is amazing by the way, and we'll talk more about that. You're a blogger and you're a podcaster. So how did you get involved? How did you start? Cindy: That was really kind. I was, I'm an accidental podcaster is what I usually tell people. I felt like there were things I wanted to accomplish that didn't fit into the genres that I was already entrenched in. And so as a result of that, I got to thinking, you know, is this an area I want to explore? And I'm kind of adventurous, I suppose in some ways I'm not necessarily want to jump out of an airplane, but if there's something that I want to do that stretches the boundaries of communication in terms of how I can express myself and impact others, I'm all for it. When I first started podcasting, I felt like it was kind of wild West, I mean, I felt like there was a lot of things that were untried … like there aren't as many rules or restrictions. In journalism we both know there's all sorts of rules. I'm not sure how much people pay attention to those anymore, but back in the day, you couldn't have your opinion inserted unless it was editorial and those kinds of things, but when it comes to podcasting, … I just love that liberation in terms of the structure that you know, you can have a show that can educate people or inspire people and my podcast, His GPS for your S.O.S. is intended to be very short and super inspirational. I just want to backpedal a little bit because I like what you said and I don't know if I even knew it until now and I have a little ah-ha moment that you know really when we compose and tell our testimonies, it does help clarify for us too. And that's kind of a neat added bonus, I suppose to the arrangement. Yvette: Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, I've been mulling mine over four years and only recently did I begin he's been feeding the pieces to me and just my human brain is just taking a while to figure it out. You are a former journalist, just like I am and you're an author and your book series is so clever. Cindy: Well, the idea there is you're walking along, and all of a sudden you're getting ushered into another detour if you will. And you're like, well wait a minute. This wasn't really part of my game plan. And the side door can be a lot of things that can be something that, God has orchestrated for your refinement or development, but it can also be, the result of a bad choice or something that happened to you that you're going to kind of have to go in a different way for out a different way or however you want to look at it Into an area that you didn't really anticipate that you'd ever go in.

CINDY WAS A WRITER FOR various papers

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Journalists Advancing Ministry (JAM)

is a multimedia podcast about media professionals called to Kingdom work.

We explore their paths to ministry from media, and ask the question:

Are journalists particularly suited for this?

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