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The first podcast about how God leads journalists in faith

The rev. Angelo Henderson:
pulitzer prizE- winner

Angelo's  musings (in a letter, as told through his wife, Felecia)

“I have a (news) story to finish, and I don't have a desire to do that anymore . I only have the desire to serve God.

Felecia Henderson, wife of Angelo

Yvette Walker: Angelo Henderson was a larger-than-life, award-winning writer who won the Pulitzer prize, but he loved God more. I talked to his widow Felecia Henderson and she shares the behind the scenes details of how and why Angelo moved from media to the ministry. I want to thank Felecia for graciously letting us have a peek into her family life with Angelo and their son Grant as they all walked his journey to leave journalism. Felecia thank you so much for coming on the show today to talk about your dear husband, Angelo Henderson. Felecia Henderson: Thank you Yvette, I can't say that enough for you asking me to talk about his life and his journey from journalism to as he would call journalism to Jesus. Yvette: Oh, I love that. Journalism to Jesus! Well, we've known each other for a while and Angelo, in my mind, I know him as much as a minister just because I'm kind of focused more on the ministry now, but he was such an incredible journalist. I do obviously want to talk about that path to ministry that he took uh if you can share perhaps why that happened, what his, what his meaning was as you know on the show, we're taking a look at people who were involved in the media in some form or fashion and who made their way to ministry. I feel like I am beginning to see that and maybe it's maybe it's kind of like the funny thing like when you're pregnant then you see all pregnant women, maybe it's something like that, but I definitely see people making that move. I think it's really interesting and because I've had that to some degree in my own life uh love, love hearing the stories and of course I immediately thought of Angelo because he's such an amazing journalist. We miss him, we miss him so much. So if you could tell me a little bit about um about his first of all his faith walk. I like to talk to people about their faith walk and before you even do that share with my audience when we lost him. Okay, um I'll talk a little bit about his faith walk. His parents were very active in the church, his mother in particular and she took him to a choir rehearsals and bible study and dawn bible study. I had never even heard of dawn bible study until I started dating him and they took me to do on bible study and it was truly a dawn, right? Felecia: It truly was at dawn. I was like The Bible study at 6:00 AM? but you know, so religion and played a very important part in his life and upbringing and that just continued into adulthood and when we dated and we got married and you know, he was always active in the church.

Angelo Henderson worked for several news outlets


Journalists Advancing Ministry (JAM)

is a multimedia podcast about media professionals called to Kingdom work.

We explore their paths to ministry from media, and ask the question:

Are journalists particularly suited for this?

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