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Episode 5: JOHN LUNDY


The first podcast about how God leads journalists in faith

John Lundy:
smalltown journalist spreads the good news around the world

John's  musings 

“God used journalists from the beginning: there were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.”

Yvette: Today's guest, John Lundy, went from a 40-year career of reporting news to telling the good news of what God is doing in the world for TWR, a global digital company that spreads the gospel. Hi, John. Thank you so much for coming on the show today to talk about journalism and ministry. John: It's my pleasure. Thank you. Yvette: As I have a journalism background and I have found other fellow journalists who have either left journalism and moved into some kind of ministry work or like you left full time news and information to move into a media ministry. I would love for my listeners to get to know you a little bit today and find out what you're doing now. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your faith walk. How did you come to be a Christian? John: I grew up in a Christian Lutheran home.And so I had a strong background in the faith. Really in my college years, I started meeting people who talked more about a relationship with Jesus Christ, which for me, had been more of almost a formal relationship rather than a friendship in a sense. And so I really grew in my faith in that sense and, I was baptized again as an adult, and publicly proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ. And so, there was no real abrupt turning point in my life. Just more of a gradual shaping and God revealing to me, new pictures of himself and a better understanding of himself, which is an ongoing process. I'm learning every day, hopefully and at least gradually continuing to learn. Yvette: The faith, the religion you were in when you were baptized, what faith was that?

John WAS A WRITER and editor FOR various papers

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Journalists Advancing Ministry (JAM)

is a multimedia podcast about media professionals called to Kingdom work.

We explore their paths to ministry from media, and ask the question:

Are journalists particularly suited for this?

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